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Janet Marsh has been an occasional caterer, go-to family party thrower, and all-around celebrated home cook in the Ruby Valley for most of her life. She grew up on a ranch in Sheridan (her dad, at 90, still ranches full-time). But she mixes her ranching roots with hippie sensibilities, infusing meat-and-potatoes with creative twists and a do-it-right-the-first time standard to bring her meals to a new level.

The Shovel and Spoon ventured into the world of catering with what the family calls a rustic-festive style. From the family Thanksgiving made entirely in dutch ovens over a campfire, to slow braised local beef brisket with soft, flaky biscuits on the side, this is true Montana food at its very, best.

All the pastries and meals are respectfully made from scratch.